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Living Dead Dolls: Lydia the Lobster Girl

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The carnival is coming to town and you don't want to miss what the Living Dead Dolls have in their tent!

Mezco has scoured the furthest corners of the known world to bring to you the most horrifying, spine tingling, freaks that have ever walked, crawled, or swam across the Earth!

This assortment includes Edgrr, The FeeJee Mermaid, Lucy the Geek, Madame, and Lydia the Lobster Girl (each sold separately).

Each doll stands 10 inches tall and comes in its own display coffin with death certificate.

Fun Facts:

  • In Series 30's promo poster each of the dolls had a small description, Lydia's said 'The Freakish Offspring of Man and Lobster' under her name.
  • Her name is a nod to the real life congenital disorder Ectrodactyly, which makes a person hand and/or feet take the shape of a lobster's claw.
  • Her arms are noticibly longer than the other dolls due to her status as a lobster girl.