Epic Marvel 'Deadpool' Collector's Figurine

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Title: Epic Marvel "Deadpool" Ultimate Collector's 1/4 Scale (Number 00 Series) Inception Action Figure 

Brand: NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association)

Item: Deadpool Action Figure, Super-Poseable Bad@$$ 

Accessories: Katanas, Sai, Machine Guns, Pistol and Knife accessories, all with working Holsters and Sheaths, plus Interchangeable Hands.

Size: 1/4 Scale, 18" Tall

Description: Possibly the most skilled mercenary in the world… and definitely the most annoying. The joke-cracking, reference-making, fourth-wall-breaking, taco-eating funnyman of the cold-blooded killer set, Deadpool has long skirted the line between hero and villain, between maniac and genius, between ugly and smelly. This incredibly detailed 18” figure has over 30 points of articulation for great action poses.

Condition: Brand New