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New Baby Lotto

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A unique first lotto game designed to help parents prepare their child for a new arrival.

  • Prepare your child for a new baby
  • A simple lotto game
  • Suitable for ages 2+

Play and prepare for a new baby in this charming game. Find and match the items to your baby picture in this simple memory game for young players. Players take it in turns to turn over the cards on the table and see if they match to the spaces on their lotto board. They must show the other players which card they have turned over before placing it back down again. The winner is the first to fill their lotto board with colourful baby items!

The sturdy cards feature beautiful illustrations of everyday scenes and baby items to help parents familiarise their child with what happens when a new baby comes along, from bathing to feeding to bedtime and playtime. The board scenes and item cards can be used by parents to talk to children about what will happen when a new baby comes along.


4 new baby picture boards
24 item cards
4 baby cards
1 instruction leaflet

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