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Dressed Owl Puppet

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These beautiful puppets are perfect for story telling and puppet shows. Vibrant materials and great design allows children of all ages to enjoy the benefits of a really good puppet. Each animal puppet is beautifully dressed and these puppets really could be the "collectables" of the future! 

Approx 48cm Length

Age Recommendations12 Months+


About The Puppet Company

There is something magical about owning and using a puppet or toy from The Puppet Company Ltd®. Their products capture the essence of what makes a really fine toy as they allow the user to be creative, to entertain and more than anything else - to have fun!

The Puppet Company Ltd® produces puppets of all shapes and sizes, including finger puppets, glove puppets and full-body puppets. They have built their reputation on our ability to translate almost any animal or character into a beautifully made and well-functioning puppet at a very competitive price. All the products are developed by their own Design Team at their Head Office in Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.